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Here is a list of all exclusive Patreon Posts that are available to my Patrons.

5 Photographs for September 2023 ("What Once Was", "Observers of the Change", "The Connection", "Ember Streets", "Solitarius")

5 Photographs for August 2023 ("Daydreamer", "Rebirth", "The Red Line", "Shatterfields", "Extermination Protocols")

5 Photographs for July 2023 ("The Watching", "Network", "Falling Memories", "Through the Bleak", "Monument")

5 Photographs for June 2023 ("Seeking Closure", "Shedding Skin", "Feverish Embrace", "Dissolving Frontier", "Harmony")

5 Photographs for May 2023 ("Structures of a Dream", "Familiar Sight", "Instructions", "Clarity Construct", "The Centre of Attention")

5 Photographs for April 2023 ("Lost Somewhere in Time", "Interdiction", "Veil Spinner", "In Tomorrow Hid Yesterday", "Greysong")

5 Photographs for March 2023 ("Endeavor", "Dissolution", "The Third Happening", "One Summer Day", "Valley of the Lost")

Editing Extermination Protocols In Lightroom Classic

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