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Environmental Policy

My cameras and lenses

I use Nikon for all my cameras and lenses. 

Read more about Nikons environmental policy here.

Office equipment and other electronics

I use Apple. This includes MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone.

This is a summary of Apples environmental policy:

Apple aims to use solely recycled or renewable materials in their products, prioritizing responsible sourcing and material recovery to minimize waste and environmental impact.

Apple has already achieved carbon neutrality across its corporate operations and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality for its products by 2030. This means that Apple is actively working to reduce and offset carbon emissions associated with its manufacturing processes, supply chain, and product use. By setting this goal, Apple aims to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to global efforts in combating climate change.

Apple maintains the highest standards for labor and human rights, workplace health and safety, environmental practices, and responsible material sourcing. These standards apply not only to Apple but also to their suppliers, reflecting their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices throughout their supply chain.

Read more about Apples environmental policy here.

Other equipment


About my products

I embrace print-on-demand services and practices.

Products are printed only when an order is received, eliminating the need for large print runs and excess inventory. It enables personalized printing, allowing customers to order specific designs or variations. This customization reduces the likelihood of unsold or discarded inventory, minimizing waste.

Offering top-quality products is a priority, but investing in advanced equipment and materials, along with the space they require, can be avoided. By eliminating the need for personal printers and equipment, I can reduce the environmental impact related to their production, operation, and disposal. 

By utilizing professional print-on-demand services, I circumvent the necessity of renting or owning my own facilities, resulting in decreased emissions and a positive environmental contribution.

I currently use the services of Crimson AB for all my printing and framing.

About the printing and framing at Crimson

The following is a summary of Crimsons Environmental Policy:

Continual improvement

Crimson continuously strive to improve their environmental practices beyond the requirements and regulations set forth by authorities. Their commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond compliance as they proactively seek ways to enhance their sustainability efforts. By setting higher standards for themselves, they aim to implement innovative solutions, adopt eco-friendly practices, and reduce their ecological footprint. This ongoing commitment to environmental improvement is driven by their desire to contribute to a greener future and make a positive impact on the planet.

Produced in Sweden

The operations are regulated by the Environmental Management Authority, subject to strict requirements and controls. Waste generated from the development and printing processes is managed by SRV, a certified organization conforming to the ISO 14001 environmental standard and ISO 9001 quality certification. No chemicals from the development process or their printing facility are discharged into the sewage system. They prioritize environmentally responsible practices to minimize their ecological impact and maintain compliance with the highest environmental standards.

Circular economy

Used inkjet cartridges from printers are returned to the supplier, who holds producer responsibility for their proper handling and recycling. By sending them back to the supplier, we ensure that the cartridges are managed in accordance with responsible practices, including recycling or proper disposal. This approach supports the circular economy and reduces the environmental impact associated with printer cartridge waste.

Water protection

Crimson have their own state-of-the-art purification plant to handle the residues generated during the development process, such as silver, bleach-fix, and developer, which end up in the rinse water. This modern purification system effectively removes silver and residual chemicals from the rinse water before it is discharged into the sewage system. The water from the purification plant undergoes continuous monitoring through water samples to ensure its quality meets the required standards. This process reflects their commitment to environmental responsibility and safeguarding water quality.


Crimson recycle consumable materials such as cardboard, wood, plastic, and metal. By implementing a recycling program, they ensure that these materials are diverted from the waste stream and given a new life through recycling processes. This approach contributes to resource conservation, waste reduction, and a more sustainable use of materials. Their commitment to recycling helps minimize the environmental impact associated with these materials and promotes a circular economy.

Certified products

Crimson strives to use environmentally certified products in their operations. By opting for environmentally labeled products, they prioritize items that meet recognized sustainability standards. These certifications indicate that the products have undergone assessments and adhere to specific criteria such as reduced environmental impact, resource efficiency, and safer manufacturing processes. Their commitment to using eco-labeled products reflects their dedication to promoting sustainability and making environmentally conscious choices in our business practices.


Crimson is committed to continually improving the efficiency of transportation, both from their facility and from their suppliers. To minimize unnecessary and frequent transportation, they maintain substantial stock of their production materials. By strategically stockpiling a significant portion of their materials, they reduce the need for frequent shipments and optimize logistics. This approach helps us minimize carbon emissions, reduce transportation costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency while supporting their commitment to sustainability.

Crimsons environmental policy can be found here.

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