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Photographer Christopher Hakulinen - About me and the art

Hi! My name is Christopher Hakulinen and I am a photographer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Welcome to my website! 

About the art

My photographs can be purchased as open edition posters. I shoot a number of varied subjects and styles. Cities, nature, landscape, abstract and still life in both color and black and white.

The wide variety of subjects and styles keeps me engaged. I'm a bit too energetic and curious to be able to have a slimmer more focused style. Sometimes I take my camera on a trip and see what happens, other times it's more well planned and executed. I would say my photography is exploratory and playful. I want to develop in different ways in different directions. I would get very bored just doing the same thing all the time.

Most photos are mostly taken in the Gothenburg area. I have lived there all my life, and rarely traveled anywhere else.

I have had some mental illness problems in my life. In 2013 I had a psychosis, and diagnosed with Schizophrenia, and was then on sick leave for 6 years. I have had varying anxiety problems such as performance anxiety, social anxiety and general anxiety. Even long periods of depression. I also have some problems with communication and social relations, although that have improved much over the years.

Therapy. Medication. Rehabilitation. Large parts of my life I have been alone without friends. Social isolation and loneliness. . All of this is expressed in different ways in my photography.

A large part of my art is about mental illness. But also about ways to find ways forward, through, and out the other side. Photography has been very therapeutic for me.

My style is harmonious and clean. Often geometric. Clear colours. I search for and try to show the beautiful in our shared existence.

See all my photographs as posters at:

You can find out more about my work over on Patreon.

More about me

I am 34 years old. Photography has been one of my biggest interests since I was 15.

In 2019, I started studying at the University of Gothenburg and read history of ideas, philosophy and sociology. I have been active in several student associations at university. The social part of the university means a lot to me.

In addition to photography and student life, I devote myself to meditation, yoga, gaming, reading, podcasts, tv-series, walking, cooking and friends. I have also gained an interest in hiking/camping, which I am trying to get started with more. I spend a lot of time learning new things. I am also a Vegan.

I also enjoy the things that comes with running your own business. The design of the website. Marketing. Writing. Image editing. Analyzes. Economy. It's a lot to do.

In short, you can say that I am positive, creative, ambitious and social. Others call me caring and generous. I want very much out of life.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. I wish you the best!

To discover more about my photography, I invite you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Stay updated with my latest projects, and announcements, and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow art enthusiasts. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing my artistic journey.